Income Consideration

W2 Borrower

No tax return needed.

Self Employed (Bank Statements)

In lieu of using your tax return for proof of income due to write-offs. Lexington has 12 to 24 months bank statement program designed for Self Employed borrower. Lexington will use 100% of your deposits.

Limited Retirement Income & Pension

If you and your spouse have limited social security income(s) or pension income and not sure if you will be qualified? If you have retirement account(s) with or without a monthly distribution or willing to set up one please contact us for additional information.

Asset Pledge

Limited income to show on but with lots of assets. Please contact us we will qualify you under this program.

Low to Moderate Income

Lexington is accepting and will qualify you under HomeReady by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac based on US Income Census Trac. Under this program, additionally Lexington will consider and allows extended-family living arrangement by considering income from non-borrowing household family members. Please contact us we will qualify you under this program.

Stated Income (Non-QM)

Owner Occupied and Non Owner Occupied property. Please contact us we will qualify you under this program.

Credit Score (FICO) Consideration

How Low Will Lexington Accept

Lexington will consider credit score as low as 500.

Derogatory Consideration

Bankruptcy 7 or 13
Loan Modification
Discharged or Settled Credit Cards

Purchase Consideration

Family Gift of Equity Funds
3 1/2% down payment with zero closing cost

Property Type Consideration

1- 4 Units Owner Occupied, Second Home & Investment Property
Condo, Low Rise & High Rise
Mobile Homes

Make Sense Underwriting. If we can't do it, it can't be done!