At Work

In the words of Chief Operating Officer, "Lexington Home Loans is committed to building a meritocracy in which people are recognized and rewarded on the basis of their skills and accomplishments. This performance-based culture is key to our strategy for ensuring workforce diversity at Lexington Home Loans."

As Lexington Home Loans has successfully reinvented itself over the years our workforce diversity efforts have evolved as well. Our focus on race and gender issues that has driven our program and policies since we began our diversity initiatives in 2007 has broadened. We want to ensure that diversity thrives at every level and at every location of our company.

Responsibility and accountability for workforce diversity rests with the firm's business and support groups. Rooted in one of our five guiding principles- Respect for the Individual- Our diversity imperative is to create a corporate environment that promotes mutual respect, acceptance, cooperation, and productivity among people from varying backgrounds. To achieve this, we are working to weave our policies into the very fabric of Lexington Home Loans- at every level, across every business unit, and in all our business dealings.

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Vendor Relations

Lexington Home Loans awards contracts for goods and services by employing a disciplined sourcing process and by pursuing continuous improvement. Suppliers are selected based upon the best combination of total cost, quality and service when matched to our requirements.

The pursuit of this goal is supported by professional, ethical, and responsible behavior by all Lexington Home Loans personnel involved in this process.

In Focus
  • Supplier Diversity: Lexington Home Loans is committed to utilizing a diverse supplier base to provide the high quality goods and services it requires
  • Tips on Doing Business with Us:Our strategic sourcing process provided a level playing field to potential and existing suppliers.
If you are interested in doing business with Lexington Home Loans, you should:

  • Familiarize yourself with the products and services we provide to our customers in order to understand better how you might assist us in addressing corporate needs.
  • Review the "Doing Business with Lexington Home Loans" information inquiry via e-mail
  • Strive to differentiate yourself by taking innovative approaches and providing solutions to help solve business problems.